Please note that this list has not been updated. It contains relevant activities until 2009.
Reports and Official Statements at Public Hearings on Orphan Works, access to culture for the citizens, and Copyright in the Digital Age in 2009.
—Position Paper “The European Writers’ Council on Orphan Works”, Public Hearing on Orphan Works
, European Commission, Internal Market and Services DG, Knowledge-based Economy Copyright Unit, Brussels, 26 October 2009.
Position paper with Dr. Pirjo Hiidenmaa, On the USA Google Book Settlement Agreement, Information Hearing,
European Commission, DG Internal Market D1, Copyright and Knowledge based Economy Unit, Brussels, 7 September 2009.
Contributing author of the Policy document “Recommendations on the Cultural and Creative Industries” as participant
of Working Group 1 on the Regulatory Environment.Submitted to the European Commission and the Member States, June 2009. The recommendations of the Platform on the Potential of Cultural and Creative Industries: This document presents the work of the Cultural Industries Stakeholders’ platform aiming to unlock the potential of the European cultural and creative industries in particular SMEs. These recommendations are designed to be implemented by decision makers at EU, national and local level. This will create the optimum conditions in Europe and ensure cultural and creative industries can deliver their full potential in cultural, economic and social terms.
Contributing author of Recommendations Policy document of Working Group 5 on the interface between artists and the cultural industries. Submitted to the European Commission and the Member States, June 2009.
Contributing author of the Policy Guideline Document of the Access to Culture Platform,
18 pp. Access to culture as a fundamental right for all citizens.
Position Paper on authors’ freedom of expression, The Ovidius International Festival and Colloquium,
"Days and Nights of Literature", 8th  edition, 11 – 16 June 2009, Neptune (the Black Sea Coast), Romania, organised and sponsored by The Writers' Union of Romania. 
“Enabling access to content for the visually impaired”, guest speaker, IFRRO European Group, European Group. Casa de América, Madrid, 5 June 2009.

“Authors and the enabling of access to and use of copyright works in education”, guest speaker, IFFRO Digital Issues Forum, Madrid, Casa de América, 4 June 2009.
—Guest speaker, panel The book sector and digital libraries: How can digital libraries reconcile the aim of the widest possible dissemination of knowledge with the protection of authors’ rights?, Conference ©The future of intellectual property – Creativity and innovation in the digital era©, European Conference, April 23rd – 24th, 2009, Committee of the Regions, Brussels.
Invited participant, special invitation from Commissioner L. Orban, Conference on the role of literary translation, European Commission, DG Multilingualism, Brussels 20 April 2009.
Addressing the Special needs of Visually Impaired Persons (VIP) with the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO).
Contributor to the
“Stakeholders’ Platform: Interim Report” prepared by the WIPO Secretariat, Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights, Eighteenth Session, Geneva, May 25 to 29, 2009, SCCR/18/4, May 11, 2009.
During the 17th session of the Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights (SCCR) held in November 2008, the Committee acknowledged the special needs of visually impaired persons (VIP) and stressed the importance of dealing, without delay and with appropriate deliberation, with those needs of the blind, visually impaired, and other reading-disabled persons, including discussions at the national and international level on possible ways and means of facilitating and enhancing access to protected works, against the background of an analysis of limitations and exceptions. This should also include the establishment of a stakeholders’ platform at WIPO, in order to facilitate arrangements to secure access for disabled persons to protected works.
Based on the above mandate, the WIPO Secretariat invited various major stakeholders representing copyright rights-holders and VIP interests to take part in two meetings with the aim of exploring their concrete needs, concerns, and suggested approaches in order to achieve the goal of facilitating access to works in alternative formats for people with disabilities. The first meeting of the above-mentioned platform took place in Geneva, on January 19, 2009, and the second meeting took place in London, on April 20, 2009. Work is ongoing.
Position Papers, Lectures and Presentations by Myriam Diocaretz in 2008
Co-author with John Erik Forslund and Mette Möller, Stakeholder Consultation, the European Commission, a Response to the “GREEN PAPER ON COPYRIGHT IN THE KNOWLEDGE ECONOMY”, DG Internal Market, Copyright and Knowledge-based Economy Unit, Brussels, 30 November 2008
“Authors' Rights in the Digital World,” Best Practice & Stories Program on "Words: Resources and Rights" WALTIC 2008, Writers' and Literary Translators' International Congress, 30 June, Stockholm, Sweden.
“The European Digital Libraries (EDL) Initiative: Orphan Works and Out-of-Print Works,” Annual General Assembly, The European Writers’ Congress, 29 June 2008, City Conference Centre (CCC), Stockholm, Sweden.
Human-Robot Relations Research: “An Introduction,” and “Concluding Remarks,” the 1st International Conference on Human-Robot Personal Relationships, June 12-13 2008, MICC Institute, Maastricht University.
“Reflections on Digital Rights for the Future in Europe,” Opening Address, International Writers’ Forum on “The Strength and Weakness of the Words in the Information Era” Union of Bulgarian Writers, Sofia Bulgaria, 8 June 2008.
“Collective Management of Reproduction Rights: The Administration of Rights in Text and Image based Works in Europe,” Position paper (22-05-08), Conference on Copyright and Related Rights and Collective Management of Rights, organised by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO, Geneva), Bucharest (Romania), 22-23 May 2008.
“Rationale for Authors to Support the Establishment of Reproduction Rights Organisations (RROs)”, Position paper (22-05-08), Conference on Copyright and Related Rights and Collective Management of Rights, organised by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO, Geneva), Bucharest (Romania), 22-23 May 2008.
“The Value of Copyright in the Digital Age,” International Symposium on Copyright. The Book in the Internet Era: Copyright and the Future for Authors, Publishers, Librarians, Amsterdam, 22 April 2008. Amsterdam World Book Capital programme.
“Progress Report on the Deployment and Implementation Strategy for the Out-of-Print Model Licence,” High Level Expert Group Copyright Subgroup meeting, European Digital Library, Institute national de l’audiovisuel INA, 11 April 2008, Paris. '
“Comment concilier la numérisation des œuvres et le respect de la propriété intellectuelle”, La numérisation de la culture: quel accès à tous?” Les Forums d’Iéna du Conseil Economique et Social, Paris, 3 April 2008.
“ICT Curricula: Streaming a Life Cycle Cluster of Best Practices”, Conference Move Out of the Shadow! Seize the OpportunITy!,European Commission D-G Information Society and Media, Brussels, 6 March 2008.
“Update on the Implementation Strategy Plan for the Model Licence Agreement for Out-of-Print Works,” High Level Expert Group (HLG) Copyright Subgroup, 7th meeting, European Digital Library, Milan, 25 January 2008.
Seminars/Lectures by Myriam Diocaretz (before 2008) 
“Status of the initial deployment for the out-of-print Model Licence,” 26 November 2007, Brussels, presentation, Berlaymont Building, European Commission, Information Society and Media, Copyright Subgroup, 4th Meeting of the High Level Expert Group on Digital Libraries.
“Position Paper of the European Writers’ Congress.” Brussels, 17 October 2007. Hearing of the study group “European Digital library” Information Society on: “Promoting broad public access to the European Digital Library,” European Economic and Social Committee.

Forum  “Pour une nouvelle dynamique de la chaîne du livre”, 8-9 October 2007, Société des Gens de Lettres, Paris. Session 'La lecture publique:

nouveau modèle économique et pôle de transfert des livres publiés’

, moderated by Florence Noiville, journalist (LeMonde). Les dossiers de la SGDL, Octobre 2007 : 88-90, 97.
“Gestión Colectiva desde la Perspectiva Autoral” hosted by the Centro Colombiano de Derechos Reprográficos [CDR], Bogotá, Colombia. April.   
“Pour une déontologie de la numérisation et de la connaissance numérisé”.
Regional Conference on European cultural heritage, digitisation projects and knowledge. “Books and Writing: Priorities and Challenges.” 20 October 2006. Regional Government of Aquitaine, Bordeaux, Aquitaine Europe and ARPEL (Regional Agency for Books and Writing in Aquitaine).
“Writers in the XXIst Century EU Context,” 8th World Writers’ Congress, “La force et la faiblesse des mots dans le dialogue avec le monde qui se globalise,” June 12-16 2006, the National Palace of Culture, the Bulgarian Writers’ Union, 13 June 2006.
“An Overview of selected 'successful' digital culture pan-European projects of the IS&Media programme,” Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Regional Meeting of the South-East European Digitisation Initiative: Methodology and Applications”, 11-13 June 2006, Sofia, Bulgaria.
“Humanism and Converging Technologies in the 21st century,” MICC, Maastricht University, June 6th 2006.

“The Knowledge Society & The Matrix Trilogy”, keynote lecture, University of Barcelona, October 10 2005.
“The Culture of Interactivity in the Information Society Imaginary,” guest lecture, Interactive Culture Colloquium: Culture and online information, 23 June 2005, Ėcole Rėgionale  des Beaux-Arts de Nantes (France).
“Enrichir l’expérience/Enhancing the user’s experience,” 24 June 2005, Ėcole Rėgionale  des Beaux-Arts de Nantes (France).   
“E-Publishing: Information Society Today and Ambient Intelligence Tomorrow,” ElPub2005 Conference, Arenberg Castle, Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium, 8 June 2005.
“The Intertextual Factor in Technologies for Immersion: Inclusionary and Participatory Interplays,” guest lecture, Interactivity in Digital Texts Conference, University of Munster, Germany,  May 20 2005.

Featured speaker in the European Commission IST2004 Event, Workshop “E-Quality, Gender and the Information Society,” The Hague, November 2004.
A series of ten guest lectures at the Academy of Fine Arts, HogeSchool Zuyd Maastricht, on New Audio-Visual Media and Cultural Critique, as part of new curriculum on Visual Communication for vocational education. Academic years 2004 and 2005.
Online Research: Methods & Strategies”, KennisKring Infonomie & Nieuwe Media, June 11 2004, Technohouse Heerlen.
“Semiotics & New Media”,  April 23 2004,  in Dutch, KennisKring Infonomie & Nieuwe Media, Technohouse, Heerlen.
“e-Publishing, from Desk-top to the Publishing Industry: An Overview", January 16 2004, KennisKring Infonomie & Nieuwe Media, Technohouse Heerlen.
"'De Ladies of Amerongen': an e-Publishing Prototype", in Dutch, Kennis in Bedrijf, HogeSchoolZuyd, Heerlen, November 27 2003
"Disentangling the Logic of Convergence: Digital Content, e-Culture and the Knowledge Society," keynote speaker, Charles University, Prague, September 11 2003
“Mobile Internet Services in Japan and Europe: Examining Industrial Organization in Relation to Electronic Publishing,”  ElPub2003 International  Conference, June 24  2003, Guimaraes, Portugal
"Four ePublishing Prototypes with Dynamic Data: the Process and the Products," ePublishing Project Workshop: Prototyping, June 4 2003, University of Maastricht.
"Prototyping an E-Journal: An Introduction," University Library, University of Maastricht, May 21 2003. 
"Gender & the Virtual: a Multidisciplinary Conceptual Framework," Panel discussion for the "Virtual Idols" project, Jan van Eyck Academy and University of Maastricht, 9 May 2003.
"The Cultural Industries: Technology, Creativity, and e-Publishing" Communication and Cultural Management Programme, 2003, January and February, European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium.
"Digital Cultural Heritage: New Paradigms and Visions" Conference "Multimedia for Cultural Heritage," Amman, Jordan, Royal Scientific Society, HERMES & MEDRESSA IST Project event, 30 September 2002.
"Knowledge Society and e-Culture: New Production Patterns in Electronic Publishing," Seminar for the International Amsterdam-Maastricht Summer School, European Centre for Digital Communication & Univ. of  Maastricht, 4 July 2002.
"Prototyping for a Digital Press,” Demonstration, International Amsterdam-Maastricht Summer School, European Centre for Digital Communication & Maastricht University, 4 July 2002.
"Internet Usage at Higher Education Institutions in Latin America: Case Studies of Brazil and Chile",  Plenary Panel, Conference "Global E-Quality--Rethinking ICTs in Africa, Asia and Latin America," 25 March 2002, Aula, University of Maastricht.
"Internet, Development and Education. A Comparison Between Africa, Asia and Latin America," Plenary Panel, "Global E-Quality--Rethinking ICTs in Africa, Asia and Latin America," 25 March 2002, University of Maastricht.
"The Digital Divides: Conceptual Frameworks for the Knowledge-based Society," Technology and Science (TSS), Seminar, University of Maastricht, 18 March 2002.
"Prototyping. A Progress Report on the Electronic Publishing Project:  Towards a Digital Academic Press at Universiteit Maastricht" Infonomics Fellows Meeting, Infonomics, Heerlen. 27 November 2001.
“Copyright in the Networked Environment,"  Going Digital Conference, University of Maastricht. 3 May 2001.
"The Humanities and a Digital Society: What We Are and What We will Become," The University of Kansas, Lawrence, USA. 8 March 2001, sponsored by The Project on the History of Black Writing.

Main Lectures/Seminars by Myriam Diocaretz up to the year 2000

Myriam gave her first public lecture at the age of 24. 
University of Valencia, Spain,  November 1999,  Institut Universitari d'Estudis de la Dona, "H. Cixous and the multi-dimensional discourse of the new Millennium" (in Spanish).
Universitat Pompeu Fabra
, Barcelona, Spain, April 1999, M.A. program in Editing, 1998-1999, seminar "International Academic Publishers, Copyright, Contracts, and the New Media" (in Spanish).
Maison Descartes, Amsterdam, Symposium on the Translator as Reader and Writer, Ariane Project, 1998 March 15, on "European Culture at the Intersection of culture/multiculture" 

Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium,  May 1995, "On the Enthymeme: The Logics of the Multidisciplinary". Symposium "Disorderly Conducts: Visions of Gender in American Women's Writing."
Poetry readings, Centre d'Art Wentelsteen (Leuven), Maison d'Amérique Latine (Brussels), Château Cortewalle (Beveren), and Antwerpen (Belgium) Poetry event "Europe Amerique Latine: Tradition et ––Modernité dans l'Ancien et le Nouveau Monde" October 19-24 1994, Maison Européenne de la Poèsie.
Modern Language Association of America (MLA, USA), San Francisco, December 1991, "In Place of Solidarity: Continental Fragments in the Age of Post-Difference" Special session, Women of the Americas in Dialogue, with a.o.  Adrienne Rich.
University of Utrecht, Centre for Women's Studies, October 10-11 1991, Conference on Cultural Studies and Feminism, "Cultural Studies/ Gender  Studies: An Interactional Necessity?"
University of Amsterdam, ISELK Institute of Semiotics, Graduate Seminar, May 1991, "The Bakhtinian Text as Intersections".
University of Bergen, Norway, March 1991, "Latin-American Women Writers and the Critical Tradition"
Modern Language Association (MLA, USA), Chicago, December 1990, "Othering: Heterogeneity and Discourse" Forum on Cultural Studies.
University of Amsterdam, December 1990, guest lecture: "That Which Observes…"  Symposium Literary Theory Today
University of Les Illes Balears, Palma de Mallorca, Spain, 1990/91, Ramon Llull Chair of Literary and Cultural Theory, Graduate Program, six seminars on "Current Approaches to Critical Theory" 1) Reception Theories and Reader-Response Criticism; 2) Deconstruction; 3) Sociocriticism; 4) Gender Theories: Difference and Literary Conventions; 5) The Bakhtin Circle: The Dialogic and Social Discourse; 6) Post-structuralism and Post-modernism.

Akademie der Künste, Berlin,  Germany, November 1990,  congress Kulturelle Vielfalt Europa, invited by Heine Müller, "The European Heritage of Colonialism".
Collège International de Philosophie, and Université de Paris VIII, Interdisciplinary Symposium Lectures de la Différence Sexuelle, 1990,  on "Conscious Self, Cosmic Self, and the Verbal Art, Part II"
University of Rome
, La Sapienza, Italy, invited by the programs in English, Spanish, and Modern Languages, May 1990, "Gender, from SocioText to Discourse: Reading Latin American Poetry".
Inter-University Centre for Post-graduate Studies, Dubrovnik
, April 1990, International Congress Beyond Images: Women, Culture, & the Arts, on "Gender, Creativity, and Social Constructs".
University of Bologna
, Italy, Department of Modern Literature, seminar, and public lecture, "Literary Tradition, Critique, and Sociotexts" November 1988.
P.E.N. Association of Writers, Belgrade
, Yugoslavia, 1988. "The invisible Cities of Language".
P.E.N. Association of Writers, Belgrade
, Yugoslavia, 1988, poetry readings, with a.o. Joseph Brodsky.
University of Zagreb
, guest lecturer, "Gender and Cultural Issues from a Comparative Perspective" Department of Romance Languages, 1988.
Goethe University
, Frankfurt, Germany, English Department, "Afro-American Discourse: Towards a Socio-Critical Approach" 1988.
University of Bonn
, Germany, International Faulkner Symposium, 1987 "Modality and Temple Drake"
Goethe University
, Frankfurt, Ringvorlesung "Die andere Stimme", "Sociocultural Correlations of Gender in the Poetics of the Lyric", 1987.
Erasmus Universiteit
, Rotterdam, guest lecture, Symposium Weg van Elders, "The Places of Writing and Writing about Places" 1987.
Princeton University
, USA, guest lecturer, joint invitation by Programs in Women's Studies, Latin American, & Afro-American Studies,  "The Poetics of Writing by Women and the Sociotext" 1986.
, Poetry reading & performance, "Eleven Contemporary Afro-American Women Poets", December 7, 1986.
University of Alabama
, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA, October 1986, "Sieving the Matriheritage of the Sociotext", Symposium The Differences Within: Feminism and Critical Theory.
University of Utrecht
, June 1986, Third Utrecht School of Critical Theory, "Towards a Cross-disciplinary Framework to Study Afro-American Discourse".
Inter-university Centre for Post-graduate Studies, Dubrovnik
, April 1986, "Writing by Women and the Poetics of the Social Text", Symposium The Poetics and Politics of Women Writing.
Inter-university Centre for Post-graduate Studies, Dubrovnik
, April, 1986, "The Poetics and Politics of Writing by Women: A Response", with Carol Barash.
Institute for Literature and Art, Belgrade
, March 27-28 1986, "The Afro-American Text in Critical Contexts", Symposium Text in Context.
Zwarte en Migranten Vrouwen Centrum Amsterdam
, Opening Speech, December 15, 1985, "SWAPO and the Third World".
Michigan State University
, USA, October 28 1985, "On the Poetics of Afro-American Discourse: Strategy of the Woman's Voice" Conference The Black Woman Writer and the Diaspora.
University of Utrecht
, Utrecht Summer School of Critical Theory, June 12 1985, "Translation: From Practice to Theory", lecture and seminar.
University of Utrecht
, Utrecht Summer School of Critical Theory, June 12 1985, Second Session, "Recoding Signs: Reading and Writing in the Act of Translation".
University of Mississippi
, Centre for the Study of Southern Culture,  August 2 1985, "Faulkner's Hen-House: Woman as Bounded Text", International Faulkner Conference
University of Mississippi
, guest lecturer of Alpha Theta Phi, Sigma Delta Pi, April 23 1985, "Some Reflections on Women in Latin-America".
University of Alabama
, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, April 22 1985, guest speaker, lecture and poetry reading, "Writing in Exile".
University of Alabama
, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, April 21 1985 guest speaker, "Semiotics and Translation Theory in Women's Writing".
University of Mississippi
, Department of Modern Languages, April 17 1985, keynote speaker, "Translation, Semiotics, and the Act of Reading".
University of Alabama
, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, March 30, "Where in the World are Women" Conference on Regional and World Feminism..
University of Alabama
, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, March 30, guest speaker, "Towards a Theoretical Framework for the Study of Black American Women Poets" Conference on Regional and World Feminism: Texts and Contexts.
University of Mississippi
, Sarah Isom Center for Women's Studies, keynote speaker, March 25 1985, "The Role of Women in Latin-American Society: Towards a Cultural Approach".
San Diego State University
, March 7 1985, "Estrategias Textuales: Del Discurso Femenino al Discurso Feminista" International Symposium on the Hispanic Woman as Writer and as Literary Character.
Free University, Amsterdam, October 5 1984, "Women and Literary Research: Problems of Perspective and Conceptualization", Congress Ongehoorde Woorden.

University of Utrecht, June 1984, "Afro-American Women Poets in the Semiotics of Culture" lecture for the First Session of the Utrecht Summer School of Critical Semiotics.
Catholic University Nijmegen, December 17 1983, Winteruniversiteit Vrouwenstudies, "Translating American Women Poets into the Romance Languages".
University of Utrecht, keynote speaker, December 8 1983, "The Poet and the Alien Text: The Intertextual Factor in Adrienne Rich".
University of Amsterdam, June 1983, "Theoretical Perspectives for the Analysis of Women's Writing: From Text to Discourse" Institute of Sociology, Conference Among Men Among Women.
“Pablo Neruda and Walt Whitman”, English Department, guest speaker for June Jordan’s poetry seminar, State University of New York at Stony Brook,  Long Island, NY. 1982.
“Faulkner’s Spanish Voice/s”, Conference “Faulkner: International Perspectives, Center for the Study of Southern Culture, University of Mississippi, July 1982.
“On Writing Poetry”, Creative Writing Program, University of California at Irvine, 1980.
'No One’s Fated or Doomed to Love Anyone': A Reading of A. Rich’s Twenty-One Love Poems”, Creative Writing Program, University of California at Irvine, 1980.
"Translating Adrienne Rich in Latin-America: Some Strategies”, International Conference Translating Women Writers, Center for Research on Women, Stanford University, October 1979.
“'The Wreck and Not the Story of the Wreck/The Thing Itself and Not the Myth'” British Institute, Concepción. 1979.
“'The World Must Be Measured By the Eye': On Wallace Stevens’, Institute of Languages, University of Concepción, 1979.
“The Blissful Liaison: A Study of Wallace Stevens”, Institute of Languages, University of Concepción.
“A. Rich: A Visionary Anger”, Institute of Letters, American Studies Association Conference, Catholic University, Santiago, Chile, 1978.
“A. Rich: Una visión de la mujer en la poesía norteamericana contemporánea”, North American Institute of Culture, Concepción, 1978.
“Hacia una nueva tradición: la voz de la mujer en la poesía norteamericana contemporánea”, North American Institute of Culture, Temuco (Chile), 1978.
“Shakespeare: Sueño de una noche de verano”, 1978, University of Concepción.
“Asymmetry in Gender & Cultural Roles”, Institute of Languages, University of Concepción 1977.
“Translating American Poetry into Spanish”, Graduate seminar, Creative Writing Program, Stanford University, 1976.
“García Marquez: 'One Hundred Years of Solitude’", Modern Thought and Literature, Graduate seminar, Stanford University 1976.
“William Faulkner and T.S. Eliot”, North American Institute of Culture, Temuco, 1976.
“Tennessee Williams: ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’”, Institute of Languages, University of Concepción, 1976.
“Tennessee Williams: ‘The Glass Menagerie’”, Institute of Languages, University of Concepción 1976.